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[Nursery Rhyme Animatic] - The Elf and the Dormouse

Above are the storyboards I did as practice, with the poem 'The Elf And The Dormouse'. I really wanted to design an unconventional elf, so his design is heavily inspired by 'The Dude' from the film 'The Big Lebowski', while the mouse is a very non-magical, conventional mouse.

The backstory I had in mind for this character was, he's just come back from making a late night shopping trip to some elf store in the middle of the woods, and it's poured down with rain on his way back. The elf is soaked, his pompadour is the opposite of bodacious, and he needs something to keep himself dry. While the poem leads you to believe he's going to use the mushroom as an umbrella, I wanted this unconventional character to have an unconventional solution to his problem, so, he uses the sleeping mouse as his umbrella instead. He takes the mouse home and the two share a bowl of soup in front of a warm fire.

Below are my designs for the elf, mouse and layout

Below is my X-Sheet(s) used to track the tempo of this poem;

Below all this, is my final animatic;

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