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Commission Rates:

Freelance Illustration Rates:


Bust = £20

Mid Shot = £25

Full Body = £30

Line Art

Bust = £40

Mid Shot = £45

Full Body = £50


Flat colour

Bust = £60

Mid Shot = £65

Full Body = £75


Other Info

Background price dependent on complexity.
Ask in advance.


Lighting/shading +%25 of cost to any option (applied after any additional costs)


10% DISCOUNT to the price of each additional character added.

(Discounts do not stack)


20% ADDITIONAL CHARGE If you are requesting a very detailed character. This covers the extra time it will take me to draw the complex details for you.


If you wish for your piece to be traditionally sketched or painted please ask. If you would like a traditional sketch posted to you, the postage cost will be added to the total.

Freellance Pre Production Rates:

£35 Per Hour or £210 per day (6 Hours).


Qualified for;

• Narrative story development

• Pre production art and Design
(i.e. Visual concept development, character design, character Turn Arounds, Height, Pose or Expression Sheets, Storyboarding, Animatics and/or 2D Animation)


All commissioned images are for private use unless otherwise agreed on. If the image you are hiring me for is commercial in nature, tell me in advance as an additional publication fee may apply for publication rights to be signed over.


Price may be increased for exceptionally detailed requests (i.e. complex armour, mech, crowd scenes...etc), or if there are significant changes/revisions are requested by the client that extend the time it takes me to complete the commission. I will ALWAYS consult the client (you) before making any changes that would risk increasing price.


I withhold the right to refuse a commissions for any reason.


I strive for quality and clear communication.  I’m comfortable with video or live text chatting with my clients while working for maximum use of time and live feedback, if the client wishes. This is entirely optional.

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