A short story about a young dyslexic boy who struggles in school. He falls into a world made entirely out of books and has to climb a mountain of work.

I directed and produced this 2016 student short film alongside Mads Johan Øgaard. We managed a large team of students,  It has since been screened in a multitude of film festivals across various countries. We've even gone on to win a number of awards (as listed below). This film is based very much on much personal experiences and the emotion that surrounded mine and Mads' dyslexic struggles  facing different sides of the school spectrum.

Thank you for watching, and if you know someone who you think this film could help please feel free to share it. If you are an educational facility, and if you feel that this film could benefit students you have our full permission to freely screen it at any venue.

Laurels and Awards below.

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