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About Me:

Katie Wyman

Director/Producer for Animation. Head of Animation Development for WhyNow studio (London).

I am a UK based visual storyteller. My skills include story development, storyboarding, animation and visual development. I also pride myself in my adaptable communication, and team management skills.

I have an in depth understanding of narrative storytelling for visual media. When I am not working on other people's projects I'm developing my own. I love working with, and learning alongside other passionate artists, I also find great joy in helping guide others to reach their full potential through a project.

It's exciting for me to work with new creative minds, so check out some of my work, and be sure to get in contact.


Other Achievements:

I am the founder of AnatomicalArt, a free art improvement community/resource, which I manage in my spare time. AnatomicalArt is a open digital community where artists are encouraged to give constructive critique, shares tutorials, motivation, and partake in art challenges together. As of 2019 we have almost 2000 members on our Discord server, and just over 30,000 followers on the blog sight Tumblr.



(Sep 2019 - Present)
Head of Animation Development at WhyNow Studio in London, England.

(Sep 2018- Jan 2019) Graduated
The Don Bluth University, where I was trained in the classical animation pipeline, and traditional animation techniques.

Run by animation director Don Bluth.

(Sep 2013- Jun 2016) Graduated
Falmouth University, where I studied digital animation, directed various student projects and co-created the short film 'I Am Dyslexic'.
I received BA with honours in animation & VFX.

(Jul 6th-17th 2015) Graduated
Gobelins l'ecole de L'image, An intensive summer animation course, I studied character acting for animation.

(Sep 2012-2013) Graduated

Hampstead Fine Arts Where I studied classical Art, Graphic Design, Media Studies and History.

(Summers 2010-2013) 

Putney School, summer arts program, I took extra circular arts courses during these childhood summers. Here I practiced animation, script writing, music and poetry, to meet my craving to study animation and storytelling before university level. I later worked as a staff in training for this same camp, and ran a short story based evening course for other students in my final year, which was well recieved by the attendance.

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